Our wine philosophy

« Wines find their expression in three origins: the soil that gives it its style, the climate that gives it its shape and man who through his work in the vineyard, in the cellar and in the bottle give it spirit and balance»
Jacques Puisais, famous oenologist.

We also recognize the influences of some major factors as having an impact on the wine’s quality:

  • Iron (colour intensity)
  • Limestone (wholeness)
  • Magnesium (harmony)
  • Silicate (fine and powerful)
  • Clay (sweetness and fermeté)

The terroir wines from the Domaine Paul Blanck are cellared for several years before being put to the market. The wines from these grapes picked at optimal maturity, according to each specific area’s characteristics and the vintage’s climate profile, are destined to complement and magnify the best gastronomy the world has to offer.

The poetic and creative essence of a terroir wine open a wealth of sensations. Citrus, spices, smoked notes, salinity, fullness come together to give substance and a marked profile to wines which can be paired with a refined and authentic cuisine.

Natural exchanges take place between the plant and its environment. Here is one example: the resveratrol-anthocyanins (colorless in Alsace), does not come from the grapes but from the plant that is fighting against botrytis. This organic and naturally present antioxidant is also found in whites and plays a key role in the wine’s ageing process, as it increases the wine’s resistance to oxidation throughout its life.

The grapes also develop their own natural responses to stress factors. The fruit contains natural fungicides and bacteria and boosts its immune system to the maximum in critical periods before reducing gradually.

Fruits and vegetables that defend themselves from natural aggressions with their own defense systems are tastier, more concentrated in beneficial elements. And in the case of grapes this translates into a much more interesting experience for the wine taster, once transformed into wine.

Domaine Paul BLANCK et Fils Vignerons d'émotion
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