Wineck-Schlossberg Riesling

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The Grands Crus

Wineck-Schlossberg Riesling

Alsace Grand Cru
1 bottle of 0.75 L

Bright pale straw. Captivating mineral- and spice-driven aromas of green apple and quince...

- Score 90 - April 2015


South- and south-east-facing slopes at Katzenthal, at 280-400m, which constitute a fine vineyard of 27.4 hectares.
They have double-mica Turckheim granite soils, very disaggregated.
The lie of this Grand Cru, which is sheltered from dominant winds, provides a particularly favourable microclimate which, combined with the soils' quality, gives ideal conditions for producing exceptional wines.


The juice is extracted with infinite care in our air-bag press. The slow, gentle pressing avoids crushing the stalks and pips. The must starts fermenting of its own accord thanks to the natural yeast present in the juice, and the fermentation generally lasts from 4 to 10 weeks. It is carried out in stainless-steel vats equipped with temperature control, a medium which maximises the expression of this variety's aromas.


The wine is matured on its lees in large oak barrels for 12 months.
This lees-contact contributes richness to the wine. What is more, the oxygen which passes through the pores of the wood brings about a gentle oxidization of the wine, and the subsequent opening up of its aromas.
The wine is then bottled and aged for 2 to 3 further years before being offered for sale.
This bottle-ageing also plays a role in the wine's development. Here, the opposite of oxidization happens: thanks to certain reactions in the oxygen-free environment, the bouquet develops and takes on subtler nuances.

Tasting note:

91 - Lovely notes of crisp apples make for a very friendly nose. The palate comes in with immense freshness that is nonetheless tempered by a balm-like rounded texture that couches Riesling's freshness in seamless fluidity. The palate remains dry and is colored with red and green apple, lemon an tangerine. The finish is dry and wonderfully lip smacking. - Buying-guide - 4/1/2017

Bright pale straw. Captivating mineral- and spice-driven aromas of green apple and quince. Floral and precise in the mouth, with dominant flavors of fresh citrus fruits and ginger. Finishes dry, floral and very long. An outstanding Wineck-Schlossberg Riesling.

- Score 90 - April 2015

When & with what:

Serve chilled.
For trying also with some soufflé prepared with cheeses and three spices (nutmeg, paprika, turmeric).
Preferably in the autumn or at the onset of winter.


- Protected little-known granite site. RS 10 g/l

Powerful nose. And quite rich on the palate. Powerful impression but only 12.8%

Note : 16.5/20 Jancis Robinson - 13 Jun 2016


Paul Blanck, Wineck Schlossberg Riesling 2012 Alsace Grand Cru
Domaine Paul BLANCK et Fils Vignerons d'émotion