Mambourg Gewurztraminer

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The Grands Crus

Mambourg Gewurztraminer

1 bottle of 0.75 L
Fresh aromas and flavors of smoked meat, grapefruit, cinnamon and vanilla. Fat, soft and spicy, with a note of rose petal carrying through on the long, smooth finish... -Ian - Score 93+ - Nov.2012


Facing fully south and lying on the side of a hill, the Mambourg vineyard looks down on Sigolsheim. It stretches further into the plain of Alsace than most others, and enjoys the sun's rays for longer than most. The magnesium-rich soil lies over a limestone and marl Tertiary covering. Yields are never large, which favours quality.


The juice is extracted with infinite care in our air-bag press. The slow, gentle pressing avoids crushing the stalks and pips.
The must starts fermenting of its own accord thanks to the natural yeast present in the juice, and the fermentation generally lasts from 4 to 10 weeks. It is carried out in stainless-steel vats equipped with temperature control, a medium which maximises the expression of this variety's aromas.


The wine is matured on its lees in large oak barrels for 12 months.
This lees-contact contributes richness to the wine. What is more, the oxygen which passes through the pores of the wood brings about a gentle oxidization of the wine, and the subsequent opening up of its aromas.
The wine is then bottled and aged for 2 to 3 further years before being offered for sale.
This bottle-ageing also plays a role in the wine's development. Here, the opposite of oxidization happens: thanks to certain reactions in the oxygen-free environment, the bouquet develops and takes on subtler nuances.

Wine tasting:

"(14%, 33 g/l r.s. 4.8 g/l acidity): Golden straw-yellow. Fresh aromas and flavors of smoked meat, grapefruit, cinnamon and vanilla. Fat, soft and spicy, with a note of rose petal carrying through on the long, smooth finish. Offers clear varietal character and an enticing hint of sweetness without being at all cloying thanks to its healthy total acidity. Those who prefer their gewurztraminers as dry as possible may prefer the Classique in 2011."

- Score 93+ - Nov.2012

" Deep golden yellow. Very rich, ripe and deep but with zippy lemony acidity lifting the aromas and flavors of flowers, ripe tropical fruits and marmalade. Impressively deep, concentrated and complex. Not the usual in-your-face Mambourg Gewürz (in my view, the Mambourg grand cru, a veritable sun trap, is one of the top three sites for the variety in all of Alsace), this is characterized more by the Blanck house signature of sneaky concentration and refinement. Only 1,200 bottles were made.

- Score 94 - Apr.2015

Accord mets-vins :

Matching with food: For savouring on its own.
Recommended with a rich dark chocolate fondant.

Scale  perception  of sweetness and acidity :

This scale is subjective, it depends on your perception of sugar and acidity. Each one sweetens its coffee differently, each one will have another perception of sweetness  and  acidity.The sugar perception is very  personnal.Our engagement by this scale is the result of the perception of  sucrosity by a tasting. These indications are given for one period  from three years. After this time, the perception of the sucrosity can evolve/move.
Position 8/10 : pinots gris, gewurztraminers rich from the  grands crus Furstentum et Mambourg.

Press :


Mambourg gewurztraminer 2011 Domaine Paul Blanck & Fils
Domaine Paul Blanck : Riesling Grand Cru Schlossberg 2012, Gewurztraminer Grand Cru Mambourg 2011.
Gewurztraminer, Alsace Grand Cru Mambourg 2011, Domaine Paul Blanck & fils
Alsace Grand Cru Mambourg, Gewurztraminer 2011, Paul Blanck
Domaine Paul BLANCK et Fils Vignerons d'émotion
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