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1 bottle of 0.75 L
Lemon, then Pineapple, lemon and mineral  again, then a moment of sweet floral notes. 

Terroir :

Sand and gravel. Around the village of Kientzheim.

Vinification :  

The juice is extracted with infinite care in our air-bag press. The slow, gentle pressing avoids crushing the stalks and pips.
The must starts fermenting of its own accord thanks to the natural yeast present in the juice, and the fermentation generally lasts from 4 to 10 weeks. It is carried out in stainless-steel vats equipped with temperature control, a medium which maximises the expression of this variety's aromas.

Elevage :

Once the fermentation is finished, the wine has to be matured. This stage is essential, in order to fix its structure and aromas.
As the wine matures, the tiny particules in suspension gradually sink to the bottom of the vat and form a deposit, which contributes richness.

Wine-tasting :

Color: bright white.
Nose of elderflower and apple granny-smith. 
Beautiful texture and beautiful structure, finely spritzy, that makes you salivate.
Finale of stone fruit, citrus zest of oranges almost spicy. 

When & with what:

To use: fish with rich sauces or medium grilled -meat or poultry.
Fruit ripe: now to 2025

Good riesling, to be enjoyed in the glass or used in sauces. Ideal as a starter wine before moving on to the main wine.Will do very well with white fleshed fish, such as  sole or fresh-water fish. Baked cod with olive oil and lemon.
 « Presskopf » with a radish salad.
Goat cheese.
A pleasure wine that can also be had on its own.
When to drink it: between now and 2025

Scale  perception  of sweetness and acidity :

This scale is subjective, it depends on your perception of sugar and acidity. Each one sweetens its coffee differently, each one will have another perception of sweetness  and  acidity.The sugar perception is very  personnal. Our engagement by this scale is the result of the perception of  sucrosity by a tasting. These indications are given for one period  from three years. After this time, the perception of the sucrosity can evolve/move.
Position 3/10: riesling with a little fatness, pinots blanks and muscat


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